The Alumni Association of Romanian-Canadian MBA Program is an NGO created by graduates of the program in order to share knowledge, stay in touch with colleagues, create networking opportunities with other cohorts new and old and to organize various events.

Practically is a way of expressing the desire of graduates to help future students, the MBA program and to get involved in the learning experience of future generations to come and stay strong as a family.

As times goes by the Alumni network expends further and further and the graduates will occupy higher positions. The interest to keep it all together is on all sides.

The Romanian-Canadian MBA provides the Alumni Association with an office as headquarters with necessary equipment and utilities but in order to keep up with its ambitions and plans the Alumni Association depends on the support of volunteers.

Everyone can be a volunteer, from current students to graduates and they are welcomed to contribute with whatever is possible. Form office hours spent on working for Alumni projects to giving a hand on the day of the event or designing advertising materials. There are no minimal requirements or mandatory activities.

You can request more information on being a RCMBAAA volunteer and offer your services by contacting the Alumni Association Office (see contacts page).


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