All upcoming events will be announced here with 2 to 8 weeks in advance. Members of the Alumni Association will receive notifications by email and social-media.

2nd Conference from the "Expand Your Horizons" Series

Students, graduates, professors and business representatives are invited to the
Second Expand Your Horizons Event for debates on Head Hunting and Personal Profiles.

20 years Anniversarry of the 1993-1995 "Intensive" MBA Cohort

Congratulations for the Romanian-Canadian MBA first cohort's 20 years Anniversary. The 1993-
1995 cohort is the first generation of graduates and founders of the Alumni Association.

10 years Anniversarry of the 2003-2005 MBA Cohorts

Each year, we celebrate the 10 years anniversary of an MBA Cohort of the Romanian-Canadian
MBA Program. This summer we wil celebrate the 2003-2005 In Action and Intensive Cohorts.

Final Project meeting with students and graduates

As a good tradition should never die, the Alumni Association offers it's support to current
students sharing experiences and advices for building an eye-catching dissertation.


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