As time went by from the enrollment of the first cohort in 1991 the interest of students and graduates towards doing business on their own increased exponentially and this can be seen on the subjects they selected for the dissertation.

What started as informal meetings of students in the study rooms of the Romanian-Canadian MBA Program soon turned into periodic meetings. At the beginning when one student had a business initiative or was confronted with a particular difficult situation he will ask for the help of colleagues with higher skills in that particular matter and these cross consulting meetings were a big success.

As each aspect of the modern business needs special attention and skills the meeting described on the above evolved into business clubs and right now we are proud to say that 20 from the graduation of the first cohort we have graduates on all experience levels and in all management levels for our business club to provide a complete and valuable view over all subjects.

If you have a tough sittuation and want fellow students and graduates to take a look at or just consider it to be a nice challenge for students and alumni please contact the Alumni Association office and we will make sure to put in in the agenda of the next business club meeting.


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